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Almanac 2020

The Annual RidgeCrest Herbals Almanac is a publication full of interesting articles, fun cartoons, DIY recipes, and fascinating tidbits. The entire RidgeCrest Team works hard each year to bring you this entertaining insight into the inner workings of our company, so order yours today!

Almanac 2020



In 2015, Will Christensen, now President of RidgeCrest Herbals (then in the Sales department) had a vision of saying thank you to our customers and giving a little something back to those loyal to our products. He thought that our customers might enjoy learning a little more about the humans behind the herbs, the curators of the capsules, the souls behind the supplements. Mission in hand, he brought the entire team on board and coordinated the first ever RidgeCrest Herbals Almanac. The team shared stories, tidbits, recipes, and anecdotes to show everyone RidgeCrest’s vision of a better world - one where people had the tools to live sustainably, close to the earth, and with intention. Everyone contributed stories and recipes, but Will and the graphic designer, Abbie, were responsible for pulling everything together, and eagerly undertook the massive project.

Sweating with nerves, Will ordered a print of 1,500 copies, which were sent primarily to the wonderful retailers who carry our products.  The feedback was swift and positive - people loved it! They asked for more copies, and Will took a breath of relief. With slightly more confidence, it was agreed that 2017 would see another edition. The demand for another one could not be met with just 1,500 copies, and for 2017 Will ordered a whopping 17,000! This was also the first year that RidgeCrest Herbals teamed up with Whole Foods Magazine and sent out copies of the magazine to their customers bundled with their January edition.

A big change happened in 2016 while they were working on the Almanac, though. Will was promoted to Marketing Director. Despite his additional duties, he spectacularly pulled off another feat by coordinating the 2017 Almanac,  but he knew that the new demands of his position would continue to make such a project difficult for him to oversee. So early in 2017, a professional writer was brought on board to coordinate future editions, and Aspen Anderson took on the 2018 print of 25,000 copies. This was the first year that the Almanac was opened up to individual customers, and Shae and Meagan in Customer Service, along with Scott and Jordan in the shipping department have been scrambling to fill customer demand for the Almanac ever since!

Aspen continues to coordinate the content of the Almanac, overseen by the current Director of Marketing, Nichole Carver (Will was promoted yet again to President of the company in 2018), and Abbie brings the content to life with her design. Despite challenges (family losses, car accidents, and three different pregnancies with due dates right at deadline - THREE!), all of the RidgeCrest employees unite and work together to bring our customers this giant annual thank you card.

As the Almanac continues to grow in popularity, we look forward to creating new innovative ideas and themes to better allow customers to gain a feel for the types of people who work at RidgeCrest, the positive work environment and team friendships that are promoted here, and our commitment to good health, good stewardship over our planet, and the transparency that should come with any good product.